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Metallic Print Care Guidelines

Metallic prints are unique with their bold, bright finishes that as closely as possible resemble images as they appear on computer screens. And with increased saturation and contrast they provide far more depth and detail than standard prints. The vibrancy of metallic prints makes them the perfect choice to add a modern touch to your home or office.

Metallic prints, like standard prints, will pick up fingerprints and oils from your hands when touched. They are also susceptible to scratches. Always handle metallic prints by their edges and avoid touching the printed surface. If you must handle them, like when framing or cleaning, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves (available at most photographic stores).

Metallic prints crease very easily. Consequently, mounting them on double weight backboard, foam core board or styrene is recommended to ensure their protection. Mounting metallic prints is a delicate procedure, especially with larger sizes, and we highly recommend having it done by a professional at the time of purchase. We cannot be responsible for damage to metallic prints that you try to mount yourself or give to someone inexperienced to mount.

Mounted metallic prints can be displayed as is. Or you can get the most out of them, and add another layer of protection, by framing them for hanging. Metallic prints can be framed like any standard photographic paper print using glass-covered frames, but some people feel the glass reduces the effect of printing on metallic paper. If you do prefer to use frames with glass, do not use anti-reflective glass with metallic prints. We recommend framing without glass.

Metallic prints, like most photographs, should be displayed in locations not subject to several hours of daily direct sunlight. Displaying them in low-dust areas, and high enough to be out of the reach of tiny fingers, also reduces the need for cleaning and potential damage.

If you do get fingerprints or dust on your metallic prints they can be cleaned. But it takes care. To clean metallic prints use dry, non-abrasive lint-free or microfiber cloths and a light touch. An ultra soft feather duster will work for dust too. Never use any type of liquid when cleaning.

Metallic prints should be stored and transported with protective covers over the front. It is best to place them vertically in a box. Care must be taken to not place items on top of them when stored flat on a shelf. If your metallic prints are not mounted they can be loosely rolled (image surface facing in) inside a cardboard tube – the larger the diameter the better. But note that it may take time for them to flatten out when unrolled, especially when rolled in smaller diameter tubes or in larger tubes for a long time.

When properly cared for your metallic prints will provide many years of enjoyment, possibly lasting for as long as 100 years.