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Thankfully the COVID pandemic is diminishing and we're getting back to the high-speed world that we've become accustomed to. People are returning to restaurants and retail stores. Freeways are getting crowded again. And many are returning to the office. It will be wonderful to get back to living our lives at warp-speed, with day-to-day events exciting and productivity high. A return to normalcy, however, will mean that it's even more important to avoid getting caught up in getting things done and forgetting to set aside time to enjoy life. I would like to suggest that we all take a moment the next chance we get to think about a well-deserved break from both the pandemic and the hustle and bustle. And when pondering the options for getting away from it all, please include a stress-free adventure to the great outdoors as one possibility. The resources available on the pages of briansak.com are intended to help you make the most of your outdoor adventures. Take advantage of the archived articles the next time you head to your favorite outdoor destination. And look through the photos when you have time - they're here to inspire more than anything else. Feel free to send a message should you have questions about any of the materials provided on my site, or just get in touch to say "hi." And please remember that we should continue to be vigilant and careful because COVID and its variants remain a concern. Thanks for visiting!